Cheeron II | NAVY, Art.-Nr.: 18 562 200
  • NAVY, Art.-Nr.: 18 562 200
  • NAVY, Art.-Nr.: 18 562 200
  • NAVY, Art.-Nr.: 18 562 200
  • BROWN MATT GLOSSY, Art.-Nr.: 18 562 251
  • BLACK MATT GLOSSY, Art.-Nr.: 18 562 002
  • BLACK MATT CARBON GLOSSY, Art.-Nr.: 18 562 198

Cheeron II

TWIN maxSHELL®-technology / QUICKSAFE®-size adjustment system with dual LED rear light / plastic visor, removeable / adjustable buckle clip with chin pad / integrated ventilation system

sizes (cm): 52-57 (M), 57-61 (L) / weight (g): 480 (M), 510 (L)



The patented QUICKSAFE®-system provides easy and precise adjustment to each individual head shape and guarantees highest comfort and maximum safety.


We react to the increased safety requirements for riding helmets by introducing another technical innovation. Simply increasing the EPS-liner was not an option for us due to our design credo of slim and sleek helmet shapes.
Finally we developed a new inner shell in addition to the top and down shell wrapping the complete EPS core.
The new twin shell compound offers extreme impact resistance without increasing the helmets outer shape.